Fragrance Favorites

Today I have for you my top 3 current Fragrance Favorites. These are three completely different fragrances in no particular order suitable for many occasions.


1. Bvlgari – Blv II Eau De Parfum Spray. This scent is described as soft and a little fruity for elegant women, which is hard to argue with. I think is the most elegant and fruity scent between these three perfumes. I don’t like fruity perfumes, but this has a very mild fruit scent which don’t bother me at all. The lasting power is somewhere in the middle, you might want to refresh it by midday or late afternoon. If you are looking for something elegant you can wear to dinners or important meetings this would be the right scent for you.

2. DKNY – Be Delicious Eau De Parfum Spray. Most of you probably heard and saw this perfume a lot. As many other people I also fell in love with it, mainly because of it fresh scent. In all perfumes I wear I look for light and fresh scents, which would keep me awake all day, but also would not overpower my personality when I meet people. This is a great scent for that, it very fruity, which supposed to smell like fresh apples, cucumber and fresh grapefruit. Be Delicious is my favorite from all DKNY fragrances. For me this is a great all year round scent, but I like is especially for summer and autumn.

3. Paul Smith -Rose Eau De Parfum Spray. As the name suggests if is a very floral perfume (mainly violet and rose scent), which typically I am not a fan of. I would not pick up this perfume myself, but since it was a gift I started using it and after 4-5 times i fell in love with it. Even though description suggests that its very fresh scent, I would say its a bit heavier than most others. Also, it is very sensual and has a very distinct scent which lasts all day. Because of that it became my signature scent, people started recognizing me by this scent, they could tell if I was in the room before them, etc. I recently bought my second bottle of this perfume. It you like roses or floral perfumes you should definitely consider it. For me this is a great winter scent, it does add a touch of summer in your everyday life.

I would suggest you give a little sniff to all these three lovely perfumes next time you are in the store, and maybe you will like at least one of them just as much as I.

What is your favorite perfume at the moment?


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