January Nail Art Ideas

January is the month when I feel inspired to put more effort in the things I do. This week/month I want to put more effort into painting my nails. Below are a few simple and quick ideas how to add an extra touch to your nail art.

For all the designs I choose blue as my base colour. The dark blue nail polish colour from nail inc was my favorite winter colour for the past 3 years. The nail polish itself is long lasting, the colour is very pigmented, shiny and just beautiful on its own.

For the designs and colour choice I got my inspiration from the picture above. You can use any other nail polish colour for these designs.designs. They work especially well on red nail polish too, creating a very Christmassy look (which unfortunately is already over).


You can either create these or similar designs on all of your nails or just make one accent nail on each hand. It will definitely add an extra touch and other people are much more likely to notice and admire your effort. In the picture you can see the supplies I have used to make create these nail art ideas. Hence, you can use anything you want or anything you already own of the similar type.

Sorry in advance for the poor demonstration, but from my experience these designs look much better on real nails.


1. If you want a very quick, easy ad cheap method to decorate your nails, buy some stickers. You can find them very cheap online (I got mine from amazon) or in the 1 pound shops, etc. You can see in the picture I put 3 snowflakes stickers going across the nail. Using stickers is very simple, you can apply them on the dry or wet nails, just need to be careful and precise where you want it to be and follow up with a topcoat. For me stickers usually lasts for 3 days or longer, but even if it peels off, it does not destroy the nail polish underneath, so your nails still look tidy.

2. If you want a 3D effect and something more sparkly, add some rhinestones on your nail design. I have added two stars to my nail on the picture. You should apply them on the wet nail and for the better precision great to use a special stick or a wooden toothpick. Rhinestones add a lot of elegance to your look, they are great for special occasions. Don’t forget to follow with a topcoat for a longer lasting design.

3. Add some sparkles on your nails to create a snow effect. Depending on your preference you can have a stripe of sparkles on the bottom or on the tip of your nail. For this design, paint your nails base colour and allow it do try half way.Then paint over the areas you want your sparkles to stick (e.g. tip of your nail), dip it into the sparkles and allow the excess sparkles to freely drop on other parts of your nail, creating a snowing effect.

I hoped you liked any of these ideas or it inspired you to some of your own. It is really simple and fun to play around, you can even combine stickers with sparkles and create your own winter design nails. If doing all nails seem to much effort, then just try doing only a ring finger on each hand: it will make a big difference and you will love it.

Let me know what are your thoughts.


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