2014 Make up favorites (Part 2)

Here is a second part of my 2014 favorites, which for me is a little more fun:


6. Eye-shadow: Maybelline Colour Tattoo and Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. The brown shade of Maybeline creame eye-shadow is my favorite. This are probably the best cream eye-shadows I have tried: they don’t crease, stay on all day and are so easy and quick to apply. You can also build up the colour if you want a darker eye, or just add extra in the corners. These eye-shadows work well on its own, or if used as a base. Whenever I want something different, I use my Naked 3 palette, which I already wrote about in the previous blog. In order, to not repeat myself will just say I like the colours and a great mix between shimmer and matte eye-shadows.

7. Eyeliner: Super Liner by Loreal and 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils by Urban Decay. The first one is a liquid liner, which is easy to apply and is a great black colour. You might need to reapply it throughout the day. I like it because its the only reasonable cheap liquid liner which does not smudge on me.  It is very easy to use, once applied it dries quickly, hence, no unwanted lines on the top of your eyelids. The product itself lasts for long time, I have it for more than 6 months and it still haven’t dried out. The 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils by Urban Decay are my most favorite product of all eye make-up. I bought a set of pencils exactly a year ago, and since then I was using them almost everyday. They are incredibly smooth and easy to apply comparing to any other pencil eyeliners. Obviously, as any other eyeliners they do not last all day, and you definitely need to touch up throughout the day, but I guess its the case with all eyeliners. My favorite part about them is the range of colours and different eye options you can do. The day I don’t wear any eye-shadows (which happens quite often) I like to wear a colorful eyeliner or even a combination of two, they do transfer any boring make-up look into something special.

8. Lip Product: Colour Rush Balm by Rimmel. I did not hear anyone talk much about them, most people usually mention Revlon Colour Sticks or Gloss sticks by  Soap and Glory. Personally, Rimmel once are my favorite. I am definitely are not a fan of Soap and Glory Mother Pucker sticks, since I find them too drying and too unpleasantly sticky on the lips. In comparison with Revlon Colour Stick, I prefer Rimmel once just because of the colour range, I think Rimmel Colours are more warm, hence, suits me more. I wish I could tell you my favorite colours, but unfortunately, all the labels are rubbed off due to my high usage if these products. I should add that the colour doe’s stay on your lips reasonably long and it is not drying or sticky on your lips at all, which is great to me. I think these colour sticks is a great discovery for me in 2014, I definitely prefer using these to using lipsticks or lip-gloss.

I would like to finish off these favorites and start 2015 with something very cute, warn, soft, fluffy and very meowy 🙂 These are my most favorite creatures of 2014:

IMG_5386 - Copy (2)

I just could not resist this bunch of fluffiness. Happy New Year Everyone!

What are your favorite moments of 2014 or any major plans for 2015?


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